Thursday, January 12, 2012

All about education

As a trainer, not only do I want to help my clients achieve their goals; weight loss, muscle gain, improve athletic performance, etc. but I want to educate them as well.  My philosophy on personal training is to not have my clients become dependent on me, but rather learn from me so that they can be independent.  Don't get me wrong, I enjoy working one-on-one with my clients and will do whatever I have to to help them.  After all they are coming to me for help.

What I want to accomplish, however, is to better educate clients on why they are doing a certain exercise, or why they should understand the foods they are putting in their bodies, or why they also need to include some sort of cardio exercise along with weight training.

I have listed below 10 questions that I would like all of you to take to see how knowledgeable you are on health, fitness and nutrition.  These are pretty basic questions, but may challenge some of you.  I want you to answer the questions by leaving a comment in the "comment" section below.  Just include the question/s number and the letter you think is the correct answer.  I will reveal the answers either Friday or Saturday. 

1.        Which of the following fats is considering a “good” fat?
a.       Polyunsaturated Fat
b.      Monounsaturated Fat
c.       Saturated Fat
d.      Trans Fat

2.       How many calories are in 1 gram of Fat?
a.       2
b.      5
c.       7
d.      9

3.       How many calories are in 1 gram of Protein?
a.       1
b.      3
c.       4
d.      6

4.       How many calories would you consume eating chicken that contained 42 grams of Protein?
a.       42
b.      126
c.       168
d.      252

5.       What is the ideal intensity for maximizing hypertrophy (muscle growth)?
a.       50-65%
b.      60-70%
c.       80-95%
d.      90-100%

6.       Which activity, if exercising for the same amount of time, burns more calories?
a.       Stationary bike : vigorous
b.      Elliptical trainer : general
c.       Stationary rowing : vigorous
d.      Weight lifting : vigorous

7.       Which of the following foods is considered a “complete” protein (one that contains all 9 essential amino acids)?
a.       Peanut Butter
b.      Kidney Beans
c.       Chicken Breast
d.      Avocado

8.       Which type of stretch is preferred after exercising?
a.       Static
b.      Ballistic
c.       Dynamic
d.      Active

9.       In order to lose at least 1 lb of body fat per week, what would your caloric deficit have to be each week?
a.       500 calories
b.      1500 calories
c.       2500 calories
d.      3500 calories

10.   What is the current estimated obesity rate in the United States?
a.       25%
b.      35%
c.       55%
d.      65%

1 comment:

Bend 29er said...

1. a & b
2. d (total guess)
3. c (total guess)
4. c (total guess)
5. c
6. c
7. c (semi guess)
8. d (semi guess)
9. a (total guess)
10. b (I just went to Costco so I wanted to put 65%. That has to be the gathering place of the most overweight people in the Cent Ore.)
- Jeremy