Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sources of information

In the latest IDEA Fitness Journal publication, 5 food websites and apps were listed to provide guidance with your nutrition.  I wanted to share these with you to help keep you on track with your nutritional goals.  These are all easy to use websites, and all of the apps are FREE.  Most of the sites require some time to enter the foods that you eat on a regular basis, however, once you have them entered it's just a matter of clicking on that food and entering the portion size for each meal.
Add these to your smartphone or "favorites" on your computer so that you can easily access them when needed.

1. - This s an interesting site.  You can actually make money by losing weight.  You pay $100 for an opportunity to double you money (win $200) for losing just 10% of your starting weight within 6 months.

2. - You take photos of the meals you eat and submit them on this website.  A professional will review the meals and make recommendations. This puts the emphasis on visual rather than written.

3.  Honest Label App - This one is great!  This app allows you to scan the bar codes of food products and receive clear, concise nutritional info based on customized settings.  It will list daily food values based on your personal needs; which is ideal for those with specific dietary needs.

4.  Lost It! App - This app allows you to enter your own custom foods, as well as having preloaded foods that you can quickly retrieve.  You can create a diet and exercise log that coincide with  your goals.  The site also rewards its users when certain milestones are reached.

5. App - This was vote the best iPhone weight loss app among 204 evaluated.

Try one or two of these and see how it works for you.  I tried the Honest Label app and love it.  Nothing like holding food manufacturers accountable.  If you are a gambler, then is right up your alley.  However, you are still gambling, so be realistic.

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