Wednesday, January 4, 2012


We've all heard others talk about getting started on a new diet, or a new weight loss plan, or starting a new project, etc.  What most of these have in common is that the person will say that they will start this "new" thing tomorrow, or on Monday (start the week off fresh), or better yet on January 1st...the start of the New Year.

Although these intentions are great, there is one serious problem with this.  There is a high percentage of people that say they will begin "tomorrow" or on "Monday" who never even begin.  We are all guilty of procrastinating.  However, when it comes to our health, it's easy to talk about doing something rather than actually doing it.

One of the best ways to hold yourself true to your words is to start TODAY.  Do not put off going to the gym, walking around the block, starting to eat less per meal, or eating more vegetables.  Once you begin you will realize you are on the path to your goal.  Do not put it off any longer.  There is no better time to begin than NOW.

For some extra ,motivation and inspiration to help you along your journey, tell others that you have begun what it is you are planning to accomplish.  Hire a personal trainer; we will hold you accountable, we will educate you, and we will motivate you.  When others know that you are trying to lose weight, they will encourage you and ultimately make it easier for you to lose those extra pounds.  You owe it to yourself to stop procrastinating and start TODAY.

Best of can do it!!!

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