Monday, April 16, 2012

April Health Questionnaire Answers

Here are the answers form this months questionnaire.  I hope you took the time to at least take the quiz, even if you didn't post your answers.  How many did you get wrong?

1.  A
2.  A
3.  C
4.  B, D
5.  D
6.  A
7.  A
8.  A
9.  B
10.  A

Don't forget each month I will be posting a new Health/Fitness Questionnaire.  It only takes a few minutes to submit your answers (in the comment section), and during 1 month there will be a random prize to be won by 1 lucky person who not only submits the answers but gets all answers correct.  So keep taking the quizzes and who knows, you just might win a pretty sweet prize.

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