Saturday, April 7, 2012

April Health Questionnaire

Each month I like to post a Health Questionnaire to test your knowledge of health and fitness questions.  These questions are not meant to show how much you do NOT know, but rather help better educate you.  There are questions that touch on fitness, nutrition, and health in general.

Please take the quiz and post your answers in the "Comments" section below the post.  Thanks and good luck.

Results will be posted on the 16th.

1.  Chia seeds are shown to help those with diabetes manage blood sugar levels, and can protect heart health?
     A. True    
     B. False

2.  Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley, and rye?
     A. True    
     B. False

3.  Performing a back extension exercise primarily isolates which muscle?
     A. Glutes
     B. Biceps
     C. Erector Spinae
     D. Deltoids

4.  Which of the following muscles is NOT a calf muscle?  List all correct answers.
     A. Soleus
     B. Obliques
     C. Gastrocnemius
     D. Latissimus Dorsi

5.  What does DOMS stand for?
     A. Doing Only Muscle Stretches
     B. Do Only Monday Situps
     C. Don't Overexert Muscle Strains
     D. Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness

6.  Interval training helps prevent injuries often associated with repetitive endurance exercise?
     A. True
     B. False

7.  When creating fitness goals, what does SMART refer to?
     A. Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Time-Framed
     B. Specific, Movement, Action, Repetitive, Time
     C. Stretching, Movement, Action, Realistic, Total
     D. Short, Memory, Attainable, Relative, Thorough

8.  Regular stretching of the hip flexor can improve gait patterns among older adults?
     A. True
     B. False

9.  Doing abdominal crunches alone will reduce abdominal fat?
     A. True
     B. False

10. What is the ideal body fat composition for both men and women?
     A. Men 15-18%, Women 18-24%
     B. Men 8-12%, Women 15-20%
     C. Men 20-25%, Women 25-30%
     D. Men 5-10%, Women 10-15%

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