Saturday, April 28, 2012

Weekend Workout #1

I will be providing simple workouts each weekend that you can even if you don;t have access to a gym.  These workouts will be built around using your own body weight.   However, if you have some dumbbells or bands you can certainly add them to the workout to increase the intensity.  If the weather is nice, head down to your local park and soak in the fresh air.

Warm up  5-10 minutes
To increase body temperature and elasticity in the muscles:

5 forward lunges (each leg)
5 side lunges (each side)
10 shoulder circles (each direction)
10 jumping jacks
20 sec. run in place (High Knees)
20 sec. run in place (Butt Kicks)
10 straight-leg kicks (reach opposite arm to opposite leg)

Perform each exercise without any rest between.  Rest 1 minute between each round.  Aim for 2-3 rounds.  When finished with all exercises, do 10 x 25 yard time is by walking back to the start.

20 Bodyweight Squats (hands behind head)
10 Pushups (on knees)
40 Jumping Jacks
20 Mountain Climbers
10 Close Grip Pushups (on knees)

30 Bodyweight Squats
15 Pushups (plank position)
50 Jumping Jacks
25 Mountain Climbers
15 Close Grip Pushups

50 Bodyweight Squats
25 Pushups (plank position)
50 Jumping Jacks
50 Mountain Climbers
25 Close Grip Pushups

Cool Down  5-10 minutes
Walk easy for 3-5 minutes, then do some easy static stretching (holding each for 10-20 sec.) 

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