Saturday, August 25, 2012

Weekend Workout #14

Today's workout will consist of Supersets (repeating 2 exercises back to back without any rest).  I will pair a  few exercises together that work different muscle groups to allow one to recover while you work the other.  This is a great way to design a workout if you are short on time, or want to maximize your workout time.

As with most of my weekend workouts, no equipment is needed, just some water to drink, and a good attitude.

Warm up for 10-15 minutes with east jogging and some jumping jacks.  If you don't like to or are avoiding weight bearing exercises, you can do squats, lunges (forward and side), and any other exercises to help warm the body/muscles, increase blood flow, and increase elasticity in the muscles.

Beginners - Aim to complete 6-10 reps for each exercises and 15 sec for timed exercises - 2 sets
Intermediate - Aim to complete 8-12 reps for each exercises and 30 sec for timed exercises - 2-4 sets
Advanced - Aim to complete 12-20 reps for each exercise and 45 sec for timed exercises - 3-5 sets

Perform each pairing of exercises for number of sets listed above, with no rest between exercises and 1 minute rest between each pairing.  Make sure to drink periodically to stay hydrated, especially if working out outdoors during the hot part of the day.

Push ups
Split squat lunges -  (in a lunge position, drop hips towards the ground and rise back up. repeat for # of reps)

Burpees (with or without push up) - (timed)
Side plank (both sides) (timed)

Jump Squat
Tricep dips (off bench or table) - feet on ground, hands on bench or table, lower upper body down and up

Cool down with an easy jog and some stretching or a walk and some stretching.  Hold each stretch for at least 10 sec.

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