Tuesday, September 18, 2012

USPS "Forever Stamps"

I just recently read that the USPS has come out with a new stamp to promote physical activity.  What better way to support something that encourages a healthy lifestyle.  And better yet, they are doing it through a new series of forever stamps with cycling the theme.

The four stamps that are available to choose from include:

1.  Child learning to ride a bike with training wheels
2.  Commuter riding to work
3.  Road racer
4.  BMX rider

To order one of these stamps, visit this site, or you can call 800-782-7624.

I have to say that I have been impressed with the USPS level of support for cycling and a healthy lifestyle.  They are aware that riding a bike can lower one's risk of obesity, heart disease, and breast cancer as well as improve muscle strength.  Their support/sponsorship for the United States Postal Service lasted several years (during many of Lance Armstrong's Tour victories) and the recognition they received from the exposure was well deserving.  It's great to see our government proudly using cycling as an advocate to send a clear and loud message that we as a society need to participate in more physical activity on a daily basis.

Now pick up the phone (or tap away from your computer) and order some stamps and show your support for health as well.

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