Saturday, September 8, 2012

Weekend Workout #15

This weekend's workout is going to focus on total-body exercises.  You're going to perform the exercises in a circuit format (moving from one exercises to the next without resting) with 1.5 min rest between each circuit.  I want you to aim to complete 3 full circuits and no more than 5 total.

The equipment you will need for this workout is the following:  Best to perform this workout in the gym
1.  Kettelbell
2.  Medicine ball
3.  Swiss ball
4.  Resistance band

3 - 5 Rounds
no rest between exercises
90 sec rest between rounds
10-15 reps per exercise (beginners may want to aim for 6-8 reps instead)

1.  Medicine ball squats with overhead press
2.  Burpee with pushup
3.  Mountain climbers
4.  Kettlebell swings (2 hands)
5.  Swiss ball hand-offs (lying on your back, pass a swiss ball from your hands to your feet, keeping arms and legs straight while you crunch up to hand-off and grab the ball)
6.  Standing side raises with resistance band (keep arms straight and raise up to shoulder level)
7.  Medicine ball squat toss (holding s med ball, squat down and then thrust up and toss the ball as high as you can.  Let ball bounce and then repeat.  Best to do this one outdoors with more space)
8.  Kettlebell high pulls (Holding the handles of the KB, squat down and raise KB close to body up to shoulder level and keep elbows wide.  Don't allow the KB to touch the floor when squatting.

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