Monday, October 22, 2012

AMRAP Nutrition bar

I have something for you to try and I'm pretty sure you will find it to your liking, just like I did. I'm talking about the AMRAP Refuel Bar, a new energy bar designed to be 100% paleo.

The bar is packed with 300 calories of fuel.  It's about the same size of a Balance Bar.  I recently used the bar as my nutrition on a 2-hour mountain bike ride and it provided plenty of fuel to keep me riding strong.  What makes this bar unique is that there are no sticky fingers or melted chocolate to deal with.  Even while exercising, chewing and digesting the bar was easy, I didn't have to waste energy in order to swallow each bite.  And did I mention that the bar tastes damn good?  Yeah I did, but it's worth repeating.

As I mentioned above the bar is loaded with healthy ingredients, and plenty of vitamins/minerals.

You can purchase the bars in boxes of 8, I ordered 3 boxes for a total of 24 bars. Each box of 8 will run you $23.95 + shipping.  Per bar that equates to $2.99/BAR (shipping not included).  Yes this is a high price to pay for an energy bar, but it is still competitive with all the other bars on the market and you are paying for healthy ingredients (not added preservatives).  

Try one for yourself, I'm sure you too will enjoy.

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