Saturday, October 13, 2012

Weekend Workout #20

Jog easy for 3-5 minutes, then do the following exercises for 30 seconds each.

jumping jacks
side lunges (alternate)
side shuffles (both directions)
seal jacks (same as jumping jacks, but bring hands together in front rather than overhead)
arm circles (both directions)
jumping jacks

perform each exercise without any rest between.  Rest 30-60 sec. between rounds.  Aim for 2-4 rounds.

8   Reverse Lunge with Knee Lifts (lunge back with left leg, then step forward and lift the left knee up towards chest (if you have dumbbells you can also include a shoulder press as you lunge back)
5   Lateral Lunges w/ Knee Lifts (lunge to one side and squat down, then return as you bring your knee up)
5   Push-ups
5   Inverted Hamstring (stand on 1-leg and lift arms out to sides at 90 degrees, then keeping back flat bend at waist and lift opposite leg towards the sky, then switch sides)
10  Split Squats
5    Tricep Dips (you can do these on a step, or a bench - whatever is nearby) - keep legs straight for a more challenge, and bent to make it a little easier

16  Reverse Lunge with Knee Lifts
10  Lateral Lunges w/ Knee Lifts
15  Push-ups
10  Inverted Hamstring
20  Split Squats
15  Tricep Dips

25  Reverse Lunge with Knee Lifts
20  Lateral Lunges w/ Knee Lifts
25  Push-ups
15  Inverted Hamstring
25  Split Squats
25  Tricep Dips

Metabolic Blast
(complete the following without any rest in between each exercise)
60 sec jumping jacks
30 sec run in place
20 sec mtn climbers
30 sec skier abs (start in plank position, then jump both feet in and to the left, then jump back to center, and now over to the right and in...repeat this sequence keeping abs contracted for time listed.

Cool Down  5-10 minutes
Walk easy for time and then do several static stretches (holding each for 10-20 sec.) without bouncing.

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