Friday, November 16, 2012

Interval training

Are you doing this type of training in your workouts?  If not you should be.


I am constantly explaining to my clients the added benefits of performing intervals during your workouts.  Initially this type of training can be quite daunting; working harder than you are accustomed to for a repeated number of times.

Most often I see people strolling along on the treadmill or eliptical, or jogging outdoors at the same speed that they have been doing for several months.  Now I do not want to ridicule these people for making the effort to exercise, however, I beg the question of whether they are trying to get fitter, lose weight, get stronger, or even have fun.  If they were to answer yes, then they are approaching this all wrong.

Here is a great article on Interval Training from one of my colleagues, Greg Brookes that will help explain why you need to be including interval training into your workouts.  

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