Saturday, November 24, 2012

Weekend Workout #26

This weekend and next weekend are going to consist of a few series of superset exercises.  I think you are going to like these, however, you will need access to some equipment...medicine ball, kettlebell, jump rope, and dumbbells

For this weekend's workout, you will perform 3 supersets, each of which you will do 3 times in succession before moving to the next superset pairing, and a series of Burpees.  Keep reading and it will all make sense to you.

I want you to do these exercises based on time rather than repetitions.  I like to have clients do time-based exercises because I feel like I can get them to perform more reps than they would if they knew they were only doing a certain number of reps; seems odd but it's true.  Plus, I usually give them a heads-up when there is 5 or 10 seconds remaining for each exercise and try to get them to push it and see how many more they can get in those few seconds.  Again, it's amazing how much they have left in the tank when knowing they're close to finishing.

1) 20-30 sec. for each exercise, perform 1 exercise after the other with no rest, and then rest 30 sec before starting 2nd set.  complete 3 sets
Kettlebell Swings (2 hands)
Push up

2) 30 sec. each exercise, same format as above, no rest between each exercises and 30 sec rest before starting 2nd set.  Complete 3 sets
Mountain Climbers
Russian Twists (with 6-10lb. medicine ball if you can)

3) 20 sec. per side.  complete 3 sets
1-Arm Reverse Lunge with Kettlebell
1-Arm Squat Press with Kettlebell

4) Start with 15 sec of work and 15 sec. of rest.  Each round increase time by 5 seconds (although rest time stays the same), completing a total of 5 rounds (last round should be 1:15)

Have fun and enjoy!!!

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