Saturday, December 22, 2012

Weekend Workout #28

I know that time is precious this time of year; between shopping for your loved ones, and running around to all the Holiday parties, but you can still find time to get in a good 10-15 min. workout with this weekend's workout.

After a 5 min warm-up of your choice you'll perform this workout, completing 2 sets of all exercises.  Allow yourself 15 sec. rest in between each exercise.  When you finish the last exercise, rest for 2 min. while you move very easy (not standing still).

100 Jumping Jacks
75  Squats
50  Mtn. Climbers
50  Alt. Lunges
25  Push ups
25  Sit ups
5    Burpees

Happy Holidays!!!

PS.  There is only 1 more Weekend Workout remaining for 2012; expect a fun but challenging workout on December 29th.

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