Thursday, January 10, 2013

January Health Questionnaire

January's Questionnaire has a little bit of everything in it.  See how you do by filling in your answers in the "Comments" section below.   Answers will be revealed on the 20th.

1.       Reading food labels does NOT help prevent obesity? 
A.      True
B.      False

2.       According to a national government study, what % of American children practice meditation?
A.      1
B.      3
C.      5
D.      10

3.       Bananas are known to be helpful for which of the following?
A.      Treating anemia
B.      Lowering blood pressure
C.      Resolving constipation
D.      All of the above

4.       Which fruit do Americans purchase the most of (#1 seller)?
A.      Apple
B.      Banana
C.      Pear
D.      Strawberry

5.       Doing KB Swings can increase both maximum and explosive strength?
A.      True
B.      False

6.       Examples of prebiotics (dietary fibers that promote healthy bacterial growth in the colon to promote gut health) include which of the following?
A.      Onions
B.      Bananas
C.      Artichokes
D.      None of the above
E.       All of the above

7.       According to the US Institute of Medicine, what % does the USA spend on healthcare to treat chronic disease?
A.      25
B.      75
C.      64
D.      12

8.       Chronic-pain sufferers tend to experience all of the following except______________?
A.      Sleep problems
B.      Higher blood pressure
C.      A sense of well-being
D.      Depression

9.       Those with diabetes and who are at a higher risk for cardiovascular disease should avoid cooking techniques that result in this?
A.      Undercooked or rare meat
B.      Overcooked meat
C.      “Crust” on food
D.      Enhanced sugar content

10.    Which of the following best describes nutrient-dense foods?
A.      They supply calories but have very little health benefit
B.      They are plants that offer nonessential nutrients and have a higher water content
C.      They give you the best ratio of calories to nutrient s by providing a high amount of vitamins, minerals, and other substances that may have positive health effects
D.      They deliver a feeling of fullness with fewer calories

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