Saturday, January 5, 2013

Weekend Workout #1

For the first weekend workout of 2013, we  are going to focus on single-sided movements.  Most exercises will involve using only your bodyweight, while some will involve the use of a dumbbell.  This workout is not meant to be overly challenging, but rather a workout to gauge if you have any strength imbalances.

With the holiday season now over, most of us have had some "down time" over the last few days or weeks.  If you have not exercised in over a week, please make sure to warm up very good and pay attention to how your body is feeling.  You may have set some fitness resolutions for 2013, however, allow yourself time to reach them, don't try to accomplish them in the first or second week.

Perform each exercise for 30 seconds (unless otherwise instructed), and move to the next exercise without any rest.  Allow 1 minute of rest in between each set, and try to complete 5-8 sets.

1- Leg Bulgarian Lunge - make sure not to lean the upper body forward, but keeping it just above the hips.  You can use your bodyweight only or hold a dumbbell in each hand for an added strength challenge.  Repeat for 30 sec. and then switch legs.

1- Arm Bar Push Up - In a gym use a barbell in a Smith Machine that is about hip level.  Assume a regular push up position, but only perform the exercise with one arm at a time.  Keeping your hips from rotating, focus on engaging your core muscle during the movement.  Do 5 reps per side, switch, and keep alternating back and forth until you reach 20 on each arm or can no longer do the same number on each arm.

1-Arm Dumbbell Row - Using a bench or step boxes, assume a push up position with 1 hand on the box/bench and the other holding a dumbbell.  Keeping your body in a good plank position, row the weight up to your side and the reverse the movement.  Repeat for 30 sec. and then switch arms.

1-Arm Reverse Lunge with a Dumbbell Swing - Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell in your right hand over your head.  Now simultaneously swing the dumbbell down to the inside of your left leg and step back with your right leg (front leg should be bent about 90 degrees).  Pause for a second and then reverse the movement back to the start.  Do this for 30 seconds on one side before switching sides.

1-Arm Squat Press - Stand with feet shoulder width apart and hold a dumbbell in one hand at shoulder level (palms facing toward body).  Squat down and as you stand up press the weight overhead.  Lower the weight back to shoulder level and repeat the movement for 30 sec. and then switch sides.


Cool down for 5-10 minutes with some static stretching (holding each stretch for 15-20 seconds)

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