Saturday, January 26, 2013

Weekend Workout #4

Today I have a morning workout and an afternoon workout that you can do.  The morning workout will kick start your day and rev your metabolism.   make sure to eat something small about 30-60 min. prior to doing this.  A banana or some raisins and a little yogurt will suffice.

As always make sure to warm up good to get the blood circulating through the body so the body's temperature increases, and it will also help increase elasticity in the muscles so you don't feel so stiff.

The afternoon workout will challenge both your muscular system as well as cardiovascular system.  In the afternoon workout you will be doing a total of 150 reps (if only done once, 300 if done twice).  This workout will certainly help improve strength, and endurance.  Try to keep rest minimal between each exercise.

Morning Workout - 9am

Complete 3 sets of 10 for each exercise resting 30-sec. rest between each set and 60-sec. between each exercise.

1.  Elevated Push ups - elevate your feet on a bench or chair and assume a push up position.  Slowly lower your chest towards the floor and explode back up.

2.  1-Leg Squats/Jump Squats - using a TRX Suspension (if you have access to one) or a bench perform single leg squats.  If using the TRX simply hold on to the straps, but if using a bench, extend arms out to the sides at shoulder level.  Then do (10) 1-leg squats on each leg.  As soon as you complete the last rep, immediately do 10 jump squats trying to jump as high as possible (these will be harder than they seem).

3.  Elevated Planks - Assume the same position as exercise #1 with feet on bench or chair, resting on hands or forearms.  Now with your back straight and abs tight, hold this position for 30-45 sec.  Once the time is up, immediately rotate your body so that you are on your left forearm and do side planks holding for 30 sec. And finally, after those 30 seconds are up, rotate your body over to the right forearm and do side planks again for 30 sec.

You can do either 1 set or if you want an added challenge try to repeat 2 more times.  Remember you have a afternoon workout still to do.

Afternoon Workout - 3pm

Perform the number of reps listed for each exercise, and repeat either once or twice.  Make sure to stay hydrated during this workout.

25 squats
15 push ups
10 jump squats
10 bench dips
10 step ups (ea. leg) - a box or bench that is about 24-36" high
15 inverted rows
10 close-grip push ups
10 Swiss ball hamstring curls
15 squats
5 pull ups
25 jumping jacks

Make sure to cool down with easy stretching, and eat some food within 30 - min. (a whey protein shake with a banana is a great post workout meal)

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