Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sloane's TRX Challenges - Week 1/8

For the next 8 weeks I am offering to Anytime Fitness Members a TRX Challenge.  I am posting these challenges on my Blog with a video so that you too can participate.  Each week the exercises will change, and the format of the workout will change.  The goal of this challenge is to offer the Members something new to their current workout program, bring out some competitiveness between the Members, and get more Members comfortable/familiar using the TRX.

To kick the Challenge off, I started with some basic movements:

Chest Press
Squat Jumps
Back Extensions
Side Lunge L
Side Lunge R.

The format for this week was to complete as many reps possible of each exercise within 30 sec.  The highest total # of reps completed determined the winner.  Members could do the challenge as many times as they wanted during the week.  Rest intervals were up to the participants, but 15-30 sec. was recommended.

Shawn Lippy (white shirt) completed a total of 117 reps

10 Members competed in this weeks' challenge and the winner was one of my clients, Janessa Lott.  She showed everyone how strong and fit she is by cranking out 150 total reps.

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