Monday, March 11, 2013

Better Sleeping - Week 5

Here are this week's tips for sleeping better...

Week #5:

#1.  Try Tryptophan - Consuming some dairy before bed can help some sleep better

#2.  Take a Natural Approach - Sleep aids such as melatonin, and valerian root may help.  Discuss with your Dr. before taking.

#3.  Drink Alcohol in Moderation - Limit alcohol use a few hrs prior top bed (and all together for that matter).  This may wake you up during the night.

#4.  Rule out Medications - Some meds can cause insomnia.  Ask you Dr. which medication won't keep you up at night.

#5.  Check the Thermostat - Extremes in temperatures can make it tough to fall asleep.  Best temps for sleeping are between 60-70 degrees.

#5.  Don't Eat Too Late - Stop eating at least 3 hrs. prior to bed

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