Saturday, March 23, 2013

Weekend Workout - #12

This weekend, the emphasis will be on core strength. Although there is only 1 "core exercise" (Russian Twists) in the workout, you will notice that all exercises in one way or another engage the core muscles during the movement.

The exercises are not extremely difficult, but they are not easy at the same token.  Select a weight that is challenging to complete the 10-12 reps.

Perform 3-4 sets of all exercises, 10-12 reps total, or per side, with minimal rest between each exercise.  Then rest 1 min between each set.

Warm up 10-15 min

1.  Barbell Forward Lunge onto Step - To help give you more hip mobility, lunge onto a box or step that is about 6" high.  This will allow your back knee to drop even lower than if lunging on the ground.

2.  Burpees with Rope Swings - shoot for 5 sec. of rope swings in between the 10-12 burpees

3.  Side Lunge with Knee Lift and Overhead Press - you can use either a weighted bar (like in the video) or dumbbells to preform this exercise.  When lifting the knee, try to keep the knee from crossing the mid-line of your body

4.  Push Ups with Elevated Feet - maintain good alignment during the movement, don't allow your low back to sag.

5.  Russian Twist with Med Ball - use a 6-8lb medicine ball, and make sure to keep your back up straight and keep the ball in front of your chest during the movement.


To make this exercise even harder, lift your feet off the ground 

6.  Reverse Lunge with Twist - you don't have to perform this exercise with a Bosu ball or medicine ball.  However, if you are looking to add a level of difficulty, start standing on a Bosu ball while holding a medicine ball and rotate the ball to each side with arms extended as you step back.

7.  Hi/Low Planks with Bosu Balls - For this exercise, only do 5-6 per arm.  Keep your hips from rocking from side to side during the movement.  You don't have to have your hands or feet on Bosu balls; for an easier version, just use the ground.

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