Wednesday, September 25, 2013

2 TRX workouts to build strength and burn lots of calories

With summer quickly coming to a close, outdoor strength workouts may not seem as enticing.  Summer Bootcamps are winding down, and your weekly training sessions at the park don't seem as motivating.  However, with the portability of the TRX Suspension System, you can still take advantage of the cooler temps while getting in a great workout.

I have put together 2 circuit that will build muscle and shed tons of calories.  The number of circuits you do depends on your fitness level.  I would recommend starting with 1 round of each circuit and if you a re still feeling the need for more, then try to complete another round of each. 

Before beginning either of these circuits, make sure to warm up good for 15-20 min. with some easy cardio movements, and some light dynamic stretching.  These versions are not designed for beginners, so if you are new to lifting or have never used the TRX, I wold not advise you try these.

Make sure to stay hydrated during this workout, it's going to make you sweat.

Circuit 1:  Complete each exercise for the specified number for reps and rest only as needed between exercises.  When finished with the entire circuit, rest 2 min. before starting the next circuit.  Videos of each exercise are provided below...

     1.  30 reps - Sprinter Start (L) (with hop optional)
     2.  30 reps - Sprinter Start (R) (with hop optional)
     3.  20 reps - Oblique Crunches
     4.  30 reps - Single Leg Squat (L) (with hop optional)
     5.  30 reps - Single Leg Squat (R) (with hop optional)


Circuit 2:  Complete 20 reps for each of the following exercises, resting 15 sec. between exercises.  When finished with this circuit rest 2 min. and either cool down or start circuit 1 again for an even greater challenge. Exercise video provided below...

     1.  20 reps - Atomic Pushups
     2.  20 reps - Low Row
     3.  20 reps - Suspended Lunge (L) (with hop optional) 
     4.  20 reps - Suspended Lunge (R) (with hop optional)
     5.  20 reps - Hip Press
     6.  20 reps - Biceps Clutch Curls


When finished with your workout, make sure to cool down and do some easy static stretching for 10-15 min.

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