Saturday, October 12, 2013

Weekend Workout #28

Now that we are approaching winter, snow sports (skiing, snowshoeing) as well as indoor court sports (basketball, volleyball)  become the norm.   I thought I would share this workout with you that involves several lateral and cutting movements to help prepare your muscle and joints for the stress they will endure in these activities.  In the workout I combine (superset) a strength exercise with an agility/plyometric drill.  So you'll do one immediately after the other and then rest 30-60 sec before repeating the next set.

As always, make sure you get in a good warm up that includes at least 5-10 min. of some sort of cardiovascular exercise (row machine, stair climber, jogging on treadmill, etc.).  Then move to doing some dynamic moves that will help prepare your muscles for the actual workout.  Some example if these include, bodyweight squats, alternating forward lunge with torso rotation (twist towards front knee), lateral lunges, pushups, planks (on ground, or on a Swiss ball), jumping jacks, kariokes, etc.

Perform specified number of reps per exercises resting 30-60 sec. between sets of each pairing and rest 2-3 minutes before starting each new pair of exercises.  Aim to complete 2-3 sets per pairing.

1A.  Walking Lunges x10ea.
1B.  Explosive Med Ball Tosses x8
2A.  Lateral Bounding (jump side to side off one foot as far as possible landing in controlled manner) x4ea.
2B.  Seated Rows x12-15
3A.  Jump Rope (with side to side hopping; think mogul skiing action) x30 sec.
3B.  Dumbbell Overhead Press x12-15
4A.  Pro Agility Shuttle Drill (place cones 25 yards apart, sprinting to each cone down and back 6 times for total of 300 yards) x1
4B. Explosive Med Ball Rotational Slams x 6ea.

This workouts should help prepare you for your upcoming winter sports activities, or can be an addition to your workouts that you are already doing.  You can perform this workout 2 times a week with at least 1 day of active rest in between.  Select weights that are challenging so that the last 2-3 reps are difficult but you can still manage with good form.

Cool down with some static stretching and foam rolling.  Examples of stretches include hip flexor stretch, chair squat (crossing one foot over other knee and sit into a squat while holding onto something for balance), calf stretch, and butterfly stretch, etc.

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