Wednesday, January 8, 2014

2nd annual TRX Challenge - Week #8

Thus weeks Challenge puts the emphasis on core strength.  There are many dynamic movements that will challenge every aspect of your body.  

In this workout, you will perform each exercise for 30 sec. with 10-15 sec of rest between each exercise. Your goal is to keep track of the total number of reps completed for all exercises and then record that number or post it in the Comments section below.

If you haven't done these exercises before, you may want to practice them before trying the Challenge.  In the video I am only demonstrating 5 reps per exercise, 30 sec will get you much more than that.  As with all of my Challenges, performing each exercise with proper form is essential, don't sacrifice form for more reps.

Perform each exercise in the order shown.  Make sure to warm up 10-15 min before starting the Challenge.

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mom said...

Wow!! Sloane! You r really in shape!
I am doing pilates like stuff for my lower back...we walk 40-50 min each or every other day!
You are an inspiration toda!y