Friday, May 23, 2014

Running with a bunch of maniacs

One of the more popular obstacle race venues, Rugged Maniac, will be making it's way to Portland next week for an obstacle race event.  Held at the Portland International Raceway, it should ,make for an interesting and "rugged" event.

Rugged Maniac is well know for having the highest number of obstacles per mile, so there won't be much time to get into a running rhythm.   The course is only 5k, but having own several 5k obstacle races, I know that although it;s only 3 miles (I mean 3.1 miles) it will be anything but easy. 

I have been putting in lots of training the past 6 weeks to prepare my body for non-stop demand.  A typical workout will last for 1-1.5 hours with very minimal rest.  This week, for instance, I will be doing 6 sets of four exercises for 1 min. each, followed by only 5 sec of rest.  I will be repeating this sequence with 3 times with four different exercises each time.  I have a strength group, a power group, and a core group.  I use DB and KB mostly for my strength group to help prepare for better grip strength and unilateral movements.  I use the TRX and plyo boxes for most of my power group, and a combination of Swiss ball and TRX for core exercises.

To add an extra challenge, I have been using my weighted vest (15 lbs) while performing the workouts.  The most challenging group is the core group.  Having the extra weight when doing planks or mtn. climbers makes a huge difference and adds quite a bit of difficulty to the exercises.

I am excited to compete in this race and will also have a good friend competing as well.  With a bunch of maniacs running around in an International Raceway who knows what will happen.  One thing is for sure,  we'll all have a big smile on our faces as we fly down their infamous 50 ft. water slide.

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