Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Great workouts to boost your VO2

If you are struggling to find new exciting workouts, or are looking to step up your level of intensity without the weight bearing effects of jumping then these Row Machine Workouts are just what you need.

I am a big fan of Row Machines because of their ability to work the muscular system (upper and lower body muscles in a push and pull movement pattern) and also work the cardiovascular system.  Done correctly, your legs will do a lot of "pushing" and your upper arms/back will do lots of "pulling".

Depending on the machine that you use, the level of difficulty can be changed by simply moving a lever up or down to increase the resistance (either a belt or water).  The most commonly used row machines are the Concept 2.

If you have never been on a row machine you may not want to jump right into these workouts.  Instead spend a few weeks getting your muscles accustomed to the movement and keep the intensity relatively low and steady.  Most machines will display your distance, time, watts (amount of power output), and SPM (strokes per minute).

Here are a few workouts you can add to your current workout program to take your fitness to a new level. Just keep in mind that these are not going to be easy, so make sure you are hydrated and, if possible,  aim a fan at you to help keep your body temperature down.

Each week I will post a new row machine workout, but today I am going to give you three you can use. Each full workout should take between 15-30 min.

1.  3 x 750m x3min  - After warming up, row at a moderately hard pace for 750m and then row easy for 3 min.  Continue this pattern 2 more times for a total of 3 sets.

2.  10 x 250m x 2min - After warming up, row hard for 250m followed by 2 min of easy rowing.  Same format as above by try to increase the intensity for the 250m efforts.  Keep an eye on your watts and try to maintain the same for all 10 sets.

3.  8 x 1min x 1min - After warming up, do 8 sets of 1 min hard and 1 min easy.

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