Thursday, July 10, 2014

Decathlon Fitness Challenge

Next week on Wednesday July 16th, I will be doing a Decathlon Fitness Challenge at Anytime Fitness in Bend.  The challenge be a twist on the traditional Decathlon event.  It will, however, consist of 6 exercises (hence the "decathlon" part) and will test your strength and endurance through weight room exercises.  The challenge is open to men and women and anyone who thinks they have what it takes to out perform their peers.  You'll definitely need to bring your "A" game.

I will be offering a cash prize of $175.00 to the overall winner.  The event will take place Wednesday July 16th at 6pm.  

Here are the RULES:
*Perform max reps for each exercise without pausing and with strict form
*Start a new exercise every 3 minutes (this will allow most people between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes of rest)
*One person will go at a time
*Complete all 6 exercises
*Total number of reps completed divided by the overall run time
*Highest score wins (a good score will be anything above 6.5)

Here are the EXERCISES:
*Barbell Bench Press (men - bodyweight, women - 60% of bodyweight)
*Barbell Deadlift (your bodyweight)
*DB Goblet Squat (men - 50% of bodyweight, women - 30% of bodyweight)
*Dips (men - parallel bars, women - bench
*1-mile run as fast as you can 

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