Sunday, July 20, 2014

Decathlon Fitness Challenge

I wanted to remind everyone of the Decathlon Fitness Challenge I will be hosting at Anytime Fitness on Wednesday July 23rd at 6pm.  It's open to any Anytime Fitness Member and any non-member who comes in for a FREE Trial of the gym.

If you are in town on vacation, or visiting for work, stop by Anytime Fitness located on Simpson Ave next to Subway and take a shot at winning this Challenge.  And in case you forgot, there will be a $175 prize offered to the winner.

Here are the RULES:
*Perform max reps for each exercise without pausing and with strict form
*Start a new exercise every 3 minutes (this will allow most people between 1.5 and 2.5 minutes of rest)
*One person will go at a time
*Complete all 6 exercises
*Total number of reps completed divided by the overall run time
*Highest score wins (a good score will be anything above 6.5)

Here are the EXERCISES:
*Barbell Bench Press (men - bodyweight, women - 60% of bodyweight)
*Barbell Deadlift (your bodyweight)
*Chinups (palms facing you)
*DB Goblet Squat (men - 50% of bodyweight, women - 30% of bodyweight)
*Dips (men - parallel bars, women - bench)
*1-mile run as fast as you can 

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