Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Row Machine Workout

For this week's row machine workout, you will be working just below your lactate threshold; the point at which you begin using stored glycogen (carbs) rather than fat for energy.  Once you go over your threshold you start working anaerobically and will be limited as to how long you can maintain that certain pace.  You CAN, however, improve this through proper training.

For this row workout, you will be working hard but not too hard.  If you want to use HR as a guidance, think of staying between 80-85% of your max HR.

Warm up:
10-15 min either on or off the rower doing some light stretches or dynamic movements. Then spend 3-5 minutes on the rower doing a few short bursts (20-30 sec) of a higher intensity followed by 40-60 sec of easy rowing.

4 x 1000m x 1min

Try to match your time for each 1000m interval.  Then the next time you do this workout, see if you can beat the old time for each interval.

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