Monday, June 20, 2016

8 Weeks to Badass - "Week 5" Video

Last week's workout involved training mental fitness.  It's one thing to workout outdoors when it's warm and sunny and the conditions are perfect.  However, when it's cold, raining, and you're soaking wet it changes everything. 

In keeping with our theme for the program, "8 Weeks to Badass", we are not only working to improve the physical fitness of everyone in unconventional ways, but also helping to train their minds to block out those feelings of wanting to quit, or negative self-talk...ultimately making them a rugged athlete.   

The temperatures were in the high 40's last week while it was raining for the majority of the workout. We had everyone bring a backpack weighing between 20-30 lbs that they would wear for the length of the workout.  

After the warm-up, we didn't waste any time getting everyone uncomfortable.  To start the workout, we had everyone fully submerge in the pond, (50ish degree water) and then immediately put their packs on and begin climbing the 200m steep hill.  The rest of the 45-60 minutes would consist of hill repeats and dips in the water with several exercises.  

Not one person complained and it seemed as if they actually enjoyed it.  

In addition to the one outdoor workout during the week, everyone continues to follow our 4x a week Rugged Regimen workouts that include a track workout, a strength workout, and either a work capacity and stamina workout).

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