Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Health And Fitness Questionnaire #2

Each month I will be posting questions to test your fitness/health IQ.   They will involve several exercise, nutrition and general health questions.  

Answers will be posted on the 29th

1.       Which is recommended prior to working out in the morning to lose weight
a.       Beginning your workout in a “fasted” (not eating) state
b.      Eating a light meal with some carbohydrates
c.       Eating a large meal with lots of protein
d.      None of the above

2.       What does EPOC stand for?
a.       Excess Period Of Constipation
b.      Excess Pain Of Calisthenics
c.       Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption
d.      None of the above

3.       How many calories would you consume eating chicken that contained 42 grams of protein?
a.       42
b.      126
c.       168
d.      252

4.       Men who consume sugary drinks have a ______higher risk of heart disease and increased levels of harmful _____________because of the sugary drinks.
a.       10%, blood lipids
b.      20%, blood lipids
c.       25%, HDL cholesterol
d.      30%, LDL cholesterol

5.       Besides improving health, what else can eating 3-3.5 portions of fruits/veggies a day do for certain populations?
a.       Make skin tone look better
b.      Improve vision
c.       Reduce tooth decay
d.      Build muscle tone

6.       Which of the following is true about EPOC?
a.       It occurs after exercise
b.      It is affected by exercise intensity
c.       It is affected by exercise duration
d.      All of the above

7.       Quinoa is a complete protein (contains all amino acids your body needs)?
a.       True
b.      False

8.       Which fruit contains more fiber?
a.       1 cup of raspberries
b.      1 pear with skin
c.       1 apple with skin
d.      1 cup of strawberries

9.       Pistachios are a great source of fiber, are high in antioxidants, which can promote a healthy heart and reduce diabetes?
a.       True
b.      False

10.     30 minutes of interval training per week is adequate enough to improve health?
a.       True      
b.      False

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