Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Health/Fitness/Nutrition Questionnaire #2

Each month I will be posting 10 questions related to health, fitness and nutrition. These questions will not be easy, nor should they be too challenging.  As I mentioned in my health/fitness/nutrition questionnaire #1, it is my goal to test your knowledge but to also educate you.

I ask that you try to answer these questions without researching the answers online, or asking someone else to help you.

The answers will be revealed the following week of the Questionnaire on Monday.  Please post your answers in the"Comment" section listed below this post.  Just click the comment link.  There may even be a reward for getting all answers correct.

Good luck and thanks for taking time to learn.

1.  What is the BEST indicator for determining aerobic fitness?
     a.  BMI
     b.  VO2 Max
     c.  Body fat %
     d.  6-Pack abs

2.  Which if the following is NOT a good source of calcium?
     a.  Banana
     b.  Almonds
     c.  Cheddar Cheese
     d.  Yogurt

3.  Which food is considered a "good" bacteria (one that helps fight off colds)?
     a.  Beans
     b.  Carrots
     c.  Whole Wheat Bread
     d.  Kombucha Tea

4.  Thirty (30) minutes of interval training per week is considered adequate enough to improve health?
     a.  True
     b.  False

5.  How many calories from fat are in 1 egg if the egg contains 5 grams of fat?
     a.  25
     b.  35
     c.  45
     d.  55

6.  Which of the following is a health-related benefit of resistance training?
     a.  Better Glucose Metabolism
     b.  Fewer Cardiovascular Events
     c.  Improved Body Composition
     d.  All of the Above

7.  How many calories do you have to burn in order to lose 1 lb per week?
     a.  800
     b. 1800
     c.  2500
     d.  3500

8.  Per 1 cup serving, which food contains the most protein?
     a.  Lentils
     b.  Edamame
     c.  Quinua
     d.  Hemp Seeds

9.  Which of the following is NOT a sign of over-training (not getting enough rest)?
     a.  Chronic Muscle, Joint Soreness
     b.  Reduced Appetite
     c.  Increased Resting Blood Pressure
     d.  Decreased Resting HR

10. Spinach can help strengthen muscles, improve eyesight, and stabilize blood pressure?
     a.  True
     b.  False

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