Monday, February 6, 2012

How to get motivated to workout after work

If you are not a morning workout person, do you tend to skip workouts because of a long day at work, an after-work "happy hour", or just don't have the energy to hit the gym.  Juggling family, work and exercise is not easy, and the larger the family the harder it gets.  This doesn't mean that you still cannot get in your daily jolt of exercise (whether it be 20 or 60 min).  Here are 8 ways to get motivated so that you don't miss your after-work workout.

1.  Have a workout "buddy" or personal trainer.  Having a training partner or a personal trainer can keep you committed by holding you accountable.  Plus, it makes the workout more enjoyable and makes the time pass by faster.  Having a trainer can keep also workouts from becoming mundane, adding variety each week.

2.  Tell yourself that you will not compromise your health/body because of work.

3.  Keep a gym bag full of workout clothes and an extra pair of shoes in your vehicle at all times.  If you have to drive home to change clothes, chances are you will not head back out the door.

4.  Keep a schedule of the gym's group exercise classes at your desk at work.  Highlight the classes you are interested in so that you know the times and days of each.

5.  Do NOT drive home.  As mentioned above, it's game over if you have to go home first.  Commit to at least 20 min. and before you know it you will have done 30-40 min. You will feel much better once you arrive at the gym.

6.  Set daily fitness goals.  Then imagine how mad you will be at yourself if you do not complete your goal for that day.

7.  Capitalize on today.  Your only opportunity to capitalize on today is to make sure you are progressive with your goals for today

8.  Reward yourself for working out.  When you get home each night from your workout, reward yourself with a healthy meal.  Occasionally you can reward yourself with a "treat" as well.  If you like chocolate, or ice cream, feel good about eating those after a good workout, just keep it in moderation.

So if you are reading this today while at work, I hope you have your gym bag in your car, have your group exercise class picked out (or personal training session scheduled),  and your healthy meal in mind for after your workout.

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