Thursday, June 14, 2012

Core Conditioning #1

Along with my weekend workouts I am going to begin posting several core exercises you can do to help improve strength in that area as well as to improve overall balance of your body.  Most exercises can be done without any pieces of equipment, however, some will require the use of either a dumbbell or medicine ball.

Today I have 8 exercises for you that do not require any pieces of equipment...just a good attitude and a little energy.  Start with 30 seconds of each exercise and work up to 1 minute.  Rest only as needed between each exercise.  Start with 1 set and work up to 2-3 sets

1.  Standing Russian Twist - Stand with knees slightly bent, arms extended out to sides, now rotate torso side to side keeping arms straight and hips facing forward.

2.  Mountain Climbers - Start in a plank position, now bring one knee up towards your chest and return as you bring the other knee towards the chest.  Continue this motion, slowly getting faster until you are running in place.  Keep the abs engaged and if the low back starts to sag stop the exercise.

3.  Squat Thrusts - Start in a plank position, now jump both feet towards your hands and then return them back.  Continue this motion of jumping feet forward and back (like a burpee without the pushup or stand up).

4.  Side Plank - Just like a regular plank only stack your feet on top of each other on your side.  Keep your hips elevated so they do not sag towards the floor/ground.

5.  Inchworms - Stand with feet together and hands on the ground/floor, now slowly walk your hands on the ground away from your feet to the farthest point you can, now walk both feet towards your hands and continue to repeat.

6.  Rocky Solo's - Sit on the ground with both legs extended, with your upper body straight up.  Keeping legs flat on the ground rotate your upper body to the left and then to the right and continue to repeat.

7. Toe Touches - Lye on the ground with both legs extended up in the air (perpendicular to the ground).  Keeping your legs lifted, crunch your upper body and try to touch both feet with both hands, slowly lower your upper body down and then repeat.

8.  Plank with Arm Lifts - Start in a plank position (either on hands or elbows).  After holding for about 10 sec. lift one arm straight out ion front of you, then return back the ground and then lift the other hand off the ground.  Continue to repeat. 

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