Friday, June 15, 2012

Support local farms

In an effort to help support local farms and help the environment by reducing emissions, Jenny and I belong to a CSA (Community Support Agriculture) program.  Do you have one in your area?  If so, I would highly recommend that you participate in it.  Not only will you support local family-owned farms, but you will notice how much BETTER your produce will taste.

CSA's are formed by local farmers in an effort to help educate us all in how to shift our diets to include more "in-season" produce and how to store and preserve for the winter months.   When you belong to a CSA, you have the opportunity to choose how the food is grown.  We choose to have no pesticides, herbicides, and no artificial fertilizers used; which helps to avoid toxic residues on food.  It is nice to know that we are eating freshly harvested, locally grown produce because ultimately this is the staple of a healthy diet.

The CSA we belong to is the Happy Harvest Farms, a family-owned and operated farm located in Mt. Angel, OR.  We partnered with our neighbors so that we split the cost and amount of foods provided each week.  Each Wednesday our neighbor picks up a few baskets of produce and we divide the items in half.   This works out great for us because since it is only Jenny and I we wouldn't be able to eat all the produce before it would spoil.  Then other benefit to having fresh produce in the house, is that it forces you to eat more of it, because you know that if you don't eat it quickly it will spoil.  And eating too much produce has never been a problem.  We just received our 3rd delivery, and the items we received included 3 small baskets of strawberries, some green leaf lettuce, some beets, green onions, Swiss chard, and zucchini.

Along with belonging to a CSA program, we will also visit the local farmers market (held every Wednesday) to buy certain other produce and meat items.  I am happy to spend a little more for produce knowing that the items we bought were just harvested.

Eat fresh, be happy! Support local.

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