Monday, July 16, 2012

Fitness Challenge

I hope you enjoyed the challenge last month.  Did you try it again with a higher rep #, or did you repeat the same number of reps in a faster time?  Remember, these are to add variety, and some motivation to test your fitness level.

Here is another fitness challenge for you to try...STEP-IT-UP 250 CHALLENGE.  ***WARNING:  This is NOT a beginner workout, so only those with above average fitness should attempt this challenge.

This workout will require some equipment, so you will need to do this at your gym.  You will need the use of the following equipment:

*Kettlebell (KB)
*Swiss Ball
*Step Box/Plyo Box or a Bench

I will again use 10 exercises, and this time your goal is to complete 25 reps of each exercise.  You can time yourself if you want, but your goal for this challenge should be just to try and finish.  Rest as little as needed between each exercise. So now that you have some extra motivation, here are the exercises.

1.  Goblet Squat w/ KB (use a weight between 20-40lbs) - Hold KB in front of chest and perform squat
2.  Push-ups on Swiss Ball - use a medium sized ball
3.  Jumps - just like it sounds, stationary jumping
4.  TRX Rows - palms facing in
5.  Step-ups (use a 24" box) - 25 reps per side
6.  Push-ups - on ground
7.  2-Hand KB Swings
8.  Side Lunges - 25 reps per side
9.  Pikes or Knee Tucks w/ Swiss Ball
10.TRX Chest Press

There you have it, 250 reps using 10 exercises.  Were you able to complete all exercises?  If you are still looking for more by the time you complete this, you can rest 2-3 minutes and repeat the circuit a second time.

Make sure you cool down after the workout and drink plenty of fluids.  I want to hear what you thought if this workout, leave me a Comment.

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