Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vegetarian foods to help build muscle

We've all heard that vegetarian's don't get enough protein in their diet, and as a result, will have a hard time building muscle.  You may be a vegetarian, or know of someone who is, and I want to give you some vegetarian foods that will allow you  (or your friend) to be able to still pack on muscle just like your non-vegetarian counterpart.



Not only will these foods help you build muscle but they are a great staple to most diets (regardless if you are vegetarian).

Green lentils

Here are 10 foods to help build muscle and stay lean.

1.  Quinoa -24g of protein per cup
2.  Hemp/Rice Protein Powder - an alternative to whey protein powder
3.  Steel-Cut Oats - loaded with fiber and protein
4.  Chia Seeds - full of Omega-3's, which help reduce inflammation and speed muscle recovery
5.  Almonds - the prefect snack food
6.  Collard Greens - packed full of vitamins A, B, C, E, K and Folate
7.  Black Beans - one of the most nutrient-packed beans
8.  Lentils - loaded with protein and fiber
9.  Avocados - full of heart-healthy fats to increase testosterone
10.  Cauliflower - contains about 30% protein and is loaded with vitamins

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Kit Gana said...

Thank you for enumerating this one. It really helps me a lot in building my muscle.

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