Sunday, September 23, 2012

Client Profile

A few months ago, I wrote about one of my client's success stories.  Today, I want to share another one of my clients, Frances Dye.  Frances came to me a few months ago without a specific goal other than to stay healthy for her age and lose a little weight, Frances is 73.  She is the oldest client I currently work with, but she has the personality of a 30 year old.

performing deadlifts with 50 lbs.

We work together 2 x week focusing mostly on improving her balance through dynamic movements (using TRX, BOSU ball, and her own bodyweight), as well as continuing to improve her strength (mostly with dumbbells, resistance bands, and TRX).   When we first started her balance was a little shaky as she struggled doing forward lunges.  She had weak abdominal strength and very little leg strength.  Both have improved tremendously over the last few weeks.

performing a TRX tricep press, look at that form!

Frances tends to want to give up easily while performing an exercise, but I have to constantly give here a little bit of encouragement and motivation to get a little more out of her.  I don't think she realizes the improvement s she has made.  To me they are obvious.

performing a chest press using pully's

Working with Frances has been a blast.  It's allowed me to learn how to work with the senior populations and expand on my training tools.  I work with her 30-minutes per session, but the time seems to go by so fast.  

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Jenny said...

WOW, this is so motivating. Thank you for sharing. Go Frances!