Saturday, October 27, 2012

Weekend workout # 22

Today's workout will consist of lots of cardio work.  This will be a great addition to your strength workout that you did ( you did do one right?).

The goal today will be to get the HR up and keep it there throughout the circuit.  If you are planning to do a strength workout today, I would suggest that you do that first in order to maximize that workout.  Today's workout is meant to be a high intensity workout or a "finisher" to your regular workout (being completed at the end).

Warm up good for about 10 min, or if you are finishing your strength workout move right into this workout with minimal rest.  The equipment you will need are 2 light dumbbells, and either a step box or several stair steps.

Complete each exercise below for 30 sec and move to the next with no ( or very minimal) rest.  When finished with the last exercise, rest 45 sec and repeat 3-4 times.  Just watch the calories melt away.

Jumping jacks 
Squat jumps (or regular squats if you have bad knees)
Skier swings with dumbbells (hold dumbbells in hands and slightly bend your knees.  Then just like you are using your arms to move forward on your skis, swings the DB's down by your sides as you bend your knees.  Then return the DB's back up as you stand up.  This should be done in a relatively fast motion to get/keep the HR up.
Side step with punches  (holding a DB in each hand, step to the right with your right foot and punch left with your right arm, then step back feet together and then step left foot to the left and punch left arm to the right)
Burpees (always a favorite)

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