Tuesday, October 30, 2012

November Health Questionnaire

Here is the Health Questionnaire for the month of November.  Good luck!
Answers will be posted on the 15th

1.       Applying a moist heat pack alone will help increase the flexibility of a muscle?
A.      True
B.      False

2.       What is the recommended amount of moderate-intensity exercise time per week for the overweight and obese population?
A.      100 minutes
B.      150 minutes
C.      200 minutes
D.      250 minutes

3.       Doing abdominal exercises is an effective way to lose extra fat around the mid-section?
A.      True
B.      False

4.       What percentage of American women are dieting?
A.      10%
B.      20%
C.      40%
D.      80%

5.       The initial weight loss seen at the beginning of a diet comes from?
A.      Sudden drop in fat stores
B.      Change in metabolic rate
C.      Loss of water
D.      All of the above

6.       What percentage of your daily caloric intake should come from fat?
A.      2-5%
B.      5-10%
C.      25-35%
D.      35-50%

7.       What does the acronym FITT of the FITT Principle stand for in describing exercise?
A.      Frequency, Intensity, Type, Timing
B.      Functional Interval Training Technique
C.      Fun Intervals To Try
D.      None of the above

8.       What does RPE stand for?
A.      Reps Per Exercise
B.      Rate of Perceived Exertion
C.      Rate of Pulmonary Extraction
D.      Rapid Plyometric Exercises

9.       How often should a healthy person get their blood pressure checked?
A.      Every time you see the Doctor
B.      Every 6 months
C.      Every year after age 40
D.      Every 5 years after age 20

10.   Which of the following dietary habits does NOT contribute to high blood pressure?
A.      High sodium intake
B.      Low fiber intake
C.      Low potassium intake
D.      Moderate alcohol intake
E.       High calcium intake

11.   When exercising with high blood pressure, what is the best advice to follow?
A.      Always talk to your doctor when beginning an exercise program
B.      Start out slowly, making gradual increases
C.      Never hold your breath
D.      Don’t rely on Heart Rate alone to monitor exercise intensity
E.       All of the above

12.   Exercising 3 or more time a week will increase your metabolism even while you rest?
A.      True
B.      False

13.   Unsaturated fat, a healthy fatty acid, can be found in all of the following foods except which one?
A.      Avocados
B.      Meat
C.      Nuts and Seeds
D.      Olive Oil

14.   Which of the following contains the most energy (calories)?
A.      Carbohydrates
B.      Fats
C.      Proteins
D.      Alcohol

15.   What does the American College of Sports Medicine recommend  as the ideal length of time you hold a stretch to improve flexibility?
A.      5-10 sec.
B.      10-15 sec.
C.      15-30 sec.
D.      30-45 sec.

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