Wednesday, December 12, 2012

8 Reasons to Strength Train

Although doing cardio (running, biking, xc skiing, eliptical machine, row machine, etc.) is great for building your cardiovascular system, it does nothing to build lean muscle mass.  And, without lean muscle mass we begin to get weaker, have more joint/bone problems, and our metabolism begins to slow down (leading to more fat storage).

Below I have listed 8 reasons why you should be strength training (if you're  not already doing so).

1.  You'll burn more calories per day (even while sitting)

2.  You will become stronger - who doesn't want to be stronger?

3.  You will shed more fat mass!!! - metabolism speeds up

4.  Bone density will improve giving you stronger bones

5.  Self confidence improves - when you look good people notice

6.  Reduces stress - the release of endorphins will combat stress

7.  Less chance of injury - tendons, ligaments, and joints all become stronger with weight training

8.  Improved posture - doing core exercises will keep you standing tall

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