Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sloane's TRX Challenges - Week 2/8

In this week's Challenge, participants had to complete 5 exercises, 20 reps each.   The person who could do all 100 reps in the fastest time was the winner.

The exercises for this week's challenge included:

1. Atomic Push Ups
2. Low row
3. Kneeling Rollout
4. Superman
5. Triceps Press

                            Jordan Shank completed the Challenge in a time of 3:18

Coming off her win last week, Janessa tried to top everyone this week again.  Unfortunately, she couldn't quite match the speed of a few others, including the winner Shawn Lippy.  Shawn completed all 5 exercises in a speedy time of 2:17.  Keep in mind that I monitored most of the competitors to make sure they were performing each exercise correctly with good form.  The objective was to perform the exercises fast, however,  proper form was emphasized to ensure safety.

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