Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend Workout #8

As I get ready to depart for (hopefully) sunny AZ for a week of vacation, I leave you with this workout.  The  only piece of equipment that you need is a Kettlebell.

Instead of the normal format of moving from one exercise to the next, I would like you to do them in a ladder format, where you start with exercise #1, rest 15-30 sec. then do exercise #1 and #2, then rest 15-30sec., then do exercise #1, # 2, and #3.  Keep repeating until all 8 exercises are completed.  For each exercise you can either do them for 30 sec. or 15 reps.
So this means that you will be doing Burpees 8 times, but Bicycle Crunches only twice.

1.  Burpees

2.  Slow Mtn Climbers

3.  1-Hand KB Swings L

4.  1-Hand KB Swings R

5.  Pushups

6.  2-Hand KB Swings

7.  Bicycle Crunches

8.  2-Hand KB Swings

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