Wednesday, March 27, 2013

"COW" Workout

Core Of the Week...

Each Wednesday you'll get an ab workout to help improve your core strength.  Feel free to incorporate these exercises into your normal workout, or make this a workout by itself.

As with all workouts, make sure to warm up.  Light movements (5-10 min) to increase body temperature (eliptical machine, or row machine) and some bodyweight exercises (2 sets of 8-10 reps) to warm the muscles (squats, push ups, jumping jacks) are great examples of a warm up.

Ab Workout:

Med Ball Reverse Throws (8 reps per side) - Stand 5 feet from a brick wall (or outside) holding a medicine ball (6-8 lbs) between legs.  With knees bent, forcefully stand and throw the ball over your Right shoulder against a wall (or across a field outside).  Repeat for reps, then switch sides.

Battle Rope Planks w/ Row (30-sec) - In a plank position with your feet wider than shoulder width, grab the rope and pull your arm back (keeping elbow close to the body), then pull the rope with the other arm.  Keep repeating for time.

Swiss Ball Pike (12 reps) - With both feet on a Swiss Ball and in a plank position, pull your hips up and bring feet towards your chest keeping your legs straight.  You will end in a reverse V position if done correctly.

Skier Abs (30-sec) - Standing to one side of a bench, grab both sides of the bench with hands and jump both feet up and over landing softly with feet and then immediately jump back to the other side. Keep repeating for time.

TRX Anti-Rotation Press (10 reps per side) - Standing sideways to the TRX Anchor, hold both bottom loops in both hands.  With your body leaning at about a 45 degree angle, press both arms straight out in front of you and then pull back to your chest.  Repeat for reps, then switch sides.

TRX Hip Drops (10 reps per side) - Stand sideways to the TRX Anchor and hold the TRX handles above head with hands resting on top of your head.  Keeping hands on top of head, push hips away from the anchor and then pull back to starting position.

TRX Superman's (30-sec) - Stand underneath the anchor and hold TRX handles in each hand with hands right in front of your shoulders.  From a squat position, stand and lean forward as you raise both arms above head and together.  At the top position, squeeze your ab muscles.  Reverse movement and repeat for time.

Back Extensions (12 reps) - Perform on a back extension machine or Swiss Ball.  Only raise upper body until it is in line with the lower body.  Pause for a few seconds and repeat for reps.

Pulley Side Crunch (8 reps per side) - Stand sideways to a cable pulley system.  Make sure to have a one hand handle hooked at the top position.  Grab the pulley with your palms facing towards you.  Pull the weight down from your ab muscles (obliques) and NOT with your hand/arm.  Let the weight up slowly and repeat.  Similar to DB Side Bends movement.

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