Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Sloane's TRX Challenge - 5/8

In this week's TRX Challenge, I opted to select several lower body exercises to test the endurance and strength of the leg muscles.  Not only are the two lower body exercises challenging, but participants had to complete 30 reps for each.  In between each lower body exercise, I mixed in a challenging abdominal exercise.

The goal for this week was to complete all exercises (for the specified # of reps) in the fastest time possible.  The only rest would be the transition from one exercise to the next.

You can do this workout alone or use it as a warm-up for your normal workout routine.  Either way, I'm sure you will be challenged.

Sprinter Start L - 30 reps
Sprinter Start R - 30 reps
Oblique Crunches - 20 reps
1-Leg Squats L - 30 reps
1-Leg Squats R - 30 reps

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