Monday, March 18, 2013

Better Sleeping - Week 6

Here is the final week's tips for sleeping better...

I hope you have been able to incorporate some of these ideas into your daily routine and that you have noticed more quality sleep over the last few weeks.  I would love to hear from those who have tried some of these and how it helped your sleeping.  Leave a comment below in the "Comments" section.

Week #6 ideas:

#1.  Follow Your Nose - Lavender and Chamomile can be soothing and relaxing scents and lead to better sleep

#2.  Start a Routine - Your body will associate an event with sleep; try reading in bed or taking a bath before bed

#3.  Soak up the Sun - Get plenty of sunshine (or bright light) during the day, this can help regulate your sleep cycle

#4.  Practice Yoga - This can help relieve insomnia

#5.  Talk To Your Doctor - Lifestyle changes can lead to better health and sleep, but talk to your Dr. if your sleeping does not improve.

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