Saturday, March 16, 2013

Weekend Workout - #11

This weekend I have a combination of strength, endurance and core exercises that will leave your body famished while burning lots of calories and recruiting tons of muscle.  This is an efficient workout that you should be able to complete within 30-45 minutes.

There are a total of four (4) separate circuits that you will complete.  In the first circuit, you will perform all exercises in a row, without rest, for 5 reps each.  Rest 1 minute between circuits.  For each circuit, select a weight that is challenging for the specified number of reps for each.

If you complete the whole workout (all 4 circuits) and feel like that wasn't enough, try to complete a second set of all circuits.  Here is the sequence I want you to perform them in...

Circuit 1
Front Squat x5
Front Squat + Overhead Press (Thruster) x5
1/2 Front Squat + Overhead Press (Push Press) x5
Back Squat x5

In the second circuit, perform each exercise without resting for the specified number of reps.

Circuit 2
Hanging Barbell Cleans x10
Mtn. Climber x25
Push Ups x10

In the third circuit, the emphasis will be on your cardiovascular endurance.  By this point your body will already be screaming.  You'll perform each exercise again without any rest between each for 10 reps each.

Circuit 3
Scissor Lunge Jumps x10
Push Ups x10
1-Arm KB Swings x10ea Arm

The final circuit will test your core and upper body strength.

Circuit 4 - this circuit is courtesy of Scott Thom
Floor Wipers x 10 
Bus Drivers x 5 ea.
Power Curls x 5

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