Tuesday, April 16, 2013

April Fitness Challenge #1

To continue with my effort to provide members at Anytime Fitness a chance to participate in challenging workouts and bring about their competitiveness, I will be offering a weekly April Fitness Challenge during the next three weeks.  Each Challenge will occur on Tuesday (5pm at Anytime Fitness in Bend if you can/want to make it), and will involve a certain number of reps to be completed.  For instance, this week's Challenge will involve 20-50 reps per exercise that add up to a total of 300 reps.  Then next week will be different exercises totaling 500 reps, and finally in the third week you'll complete a total of 1000 reps (100 reps for 10 exercises).  If you think you have what it takes to complete these workouts, check my Blog every Tuesday for the workout.

This week's 300- Rep Challenge (along with the following weeks' challenges) will require having good strength and endurance in order to complete the workout.  Not only will you perform compound exercises and high intensity cardio exercises, but you will have to do so for a high number of reps....20-100 to be exact.

I will be keeping track of how long it takes most people to accomplish the workout.  If you want to do the same, post your time below to see how you compare against others.  I will post times the day after each Challenge.  For most, just being able to finish the Challenge will be a goal, yet alone in a set time.

Just so you know, this workout is NOT meant to be rushed by sacrificing form.  Please maintain proper form during each exercises and if you begin to feel discomfort (not fatigue but muscle-strain-type discomfort) then stop the exercises and either rest for a few minutes or stop the workout all together.  THIS IS A VERY DIFFICULT WORKOUT AND INTENDED FOR THOSE WITH EXPERIENCE LIFTING WEIGHTS.

300-Rep Challenge:  
Warm up 10-20 min.  Include some easy jogging, several dynamic warm ups exercises (forward/backward lunges, jumping jacks, squats, bent-knee windshield wipers, etc., and some warm up sets on Deadlifts.

1.  20 Dips
2.  40 Deadlifts (men 135 lbs., women 65 lbs.)
3.  50 Push Ups
4.  40 Box Jumps (24" high)
5.  50 Floor Wipers (men 95 lbs., women bar (45 lbs.)
6.  50 1-Arm KB Clean and Press (men 25 lbs, women 15 lbs.) - 25 reps per arm
7.  20 Burpees
8.  30 2-hand KB Swings (men 35 lbs., women 20 lbs.)

Good Luck!

PS.  Don't forget to record how long this workout takes you to complete and post your results below in the Comment

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Sloane Anderson said...

Took us 24 min. to complete the entire circuit. Rested about a minute between exercises.