Wednesday, April 17, 2013

"COW" Workout

Here is this weeks Core Of the Week ab workout...

Aim to complete 3-4 rounds of all exercises, completing 30 sec. of work and 10 sec. of rest.

Decline Crunches w/ Med Ball (8-12 lb)
Floor Wipers (hold just a bar or add some weight to the bar)
Russian Twists
Hanging Knee Raises w/ Med Ball (6-10 lbs)
1-Arm Side Crunch with Pulley
Seated Torso Rotation w/ Med Ball (6-8 lbs)
Captain's Chair Leg Raises

1 comment:

Cat said...

thanks for adding the Video of the entire Circuit! it's super helpful to see exactly how each exercise is done and not have to skip from one Video Clip to the next. Also -- i wanna see footage of the April Fitness Challenge on 4/16!! i hear you had an Awesome Videographer :) peace - Cat.