Wednesday, April 10, 2013

"COW" Workout

This week's Core Of  the Week ab workout involves 8 exercises that utilize several pieces of equipment.

What you will need for this workout is the following:
     1.  6 lb. Med Ball
     2.  8 lb. Med Ball
     3.  Swiss Ball - Medium
     4.  Swiss Ball - Large
     5.  Pulley System with 2-Handed Rope
     6.  Theratubing with Handles - medium resistance (blue)
     7.  TRX Suspension

You can do the exercises without the use of the equipment if your gym doesn't have all pieces of equipment.

Most of the exercises will involve some rotational movement.  I see many gym-goers focus on core exercises in the sagital plane (flexion/extension).  Today I want to present a workout that involves several different movement planes, with the emphasis on the transverse plane (rotational).

Perform each exercise for 30 sec. with 10 sec. of rest between each exercise.  Do 2-3 sets of all exercises with 30 sec. of rest between sets.  You can do this workout alone, or at the end of your strength workout.

1.  Diagonal Cable Rope Pulls

2.  TRX Kneeling Rollout

3.  Swiss Ball Planks with Circles

4.  Swiss Ball Knee Tucks

5.  Side Plank with Reach Thru

6.  Reverse Lunge with Twist (holding a  6 lb. Med Ball)

7.  Theratube Hip Rotations


w/ Power

8.  Kneeling Med Ball Circles (8 lb.)

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