Monday, April 8, 2013

Tough Mudder Training Bootcamp

This is for those who are thinking of participating in the Tough Mudder Oregon event (or any TM event) in June, or for anyone who just wants to have a good ol' time getting into the best shape of their life .  If this sounds like you, keep reading...

I am going to put on a Tuff Mud'A Bootcamp May 14th - June 8th in Bend, OR.  My Bootcamp will be held at various locations (Old Mill, Shevlin Park, McKay Park, etc) from week to week, and will take place on Tuesday nights at 6pm, and Saturday at 9am.  You must be willing and able to run, jump, crawl, get dirty, suffer (optional), and have fun (mandatory).

Each session will be different, and will challenge your mental and physical capacity.

Cost for the 8-session Bootcamp will be $145.
Registration ends April 30th.  You can register by calling me or sending me an email.

For more information, call or email...

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